India must be consulted to change shortcomings in 13th amendment

wigneswaran  There are some shortcomings in the 13th constitutional amendment . We should consult India to implement changes in this ,Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Chief Ministerial candidate for the Northern Province, C.V. Wignesvaran said.

According to the candidate that the 13th Amendment came about as a solution to address problems faced by Tamils.

“This is an international agreement between India and Sri Lanka . But if it is going to be changed then India must be consulted,” he said.

He said that the Tamils had put forward several proposals for the Indo-Lanka accord but everything was not accepted and so the 13th Amendment, in his view, has some shortcomings.

He also said that Tamils in Sri Lanka do have issues and it is “shocking” if the Sinhalese majority are not aware of that.

Wignesvaran is also confident that the Tamils in the North will vote for the TNA at the election and not fall prey to the false assurances given by the government.

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