Lankan wins 2013 N Peace Award

Vijayaratnam peace award   Thavachsri Charles Vijayaratnam has been named as a recipient of the 2013 N Peace Award for her efforts to improve the lives of rural communities.

The N-Peace Awards recognize and profile women leaders and peace builders creating change at the grassroots to national levels in Asia. Coordinated by the N-Peace Network across Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Nepal, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, the Awards shine a light on women who demonstrate leadership in building peace and empowering their communities.

She will be among six other women’s rights activists who will receive the 2013 N-Peace Awards, a prestigious prize which recognises the leadership role of women and peace advocates from six Asian countries.

Vijayaratnam wears many different hats from serving as secretary of Community-level Women’s Rural Development Society to president of a women’s group, treasurer of Women Development Federation to secretary of the divisional network committee of Karaichchi division.

She has also helped orphans and disadvantaged children to access education, assisted families with malnourished children to obtain support, and helped communities to obtain essential legal documents like birth certificates, death certificates and land rights documents.

She has also worked for the advancement of women’s rights and livelihoods by supporting women-headed household to access revolving loan funds and skills development trainings.

Vijayaratnam said: “I have been serving the needs of my community for many years silently and it is a great honour for me to be nominated and to win this award.

“This inspires me to continue to provide service to those who are marginalised and vulnerable in our society.”

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