US concerned over Deraniyagala Incidents

Up country      The United States has said it was concerned about the allegations horrendous atrocities including killings and rapes in the vicinity of a Deraniyagala Tea Estate managed by a US company and urged that a thorough investigation be carried out and the miscreants prosecuted.

“The US Embassy remains concerned about the incidents and we urge a swift and thorough investigation and prosecution,” US Embassy Information Officer Juliana A. Spaven said while referring to the crimes alleged to have taken place in Noori and Basnagala at Deraniyagala.

“The Walters Bay is a US Company and has holdings in Sri Lanka,” she said. Meanwhile following the media exposure a complaint was sent to Human Rights Commission Chairman to initiate an inquiry into the incidents of rape, kidnapping, harassment and killing in the area.

The Institute of Human Rights, a human rights watchdog has also urged the Human Rights Commission to consider dispatching personnel to interview villages who have complaints and represent them at inquiries being conducted; ascertain what if any are the reasons for the STF to be moved in; why the area police could not discharge their duties previously and to enable the villagers who have complains to have access to justice and their interest and rights protected.(Daily Mirror)

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