Imprisoned LTTErs had satellite phones

phone tapping US      An attempt by LTTE inmates, of the New Magazine prison, to arrange a meeting with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanetham Pillay, during her scheduled visit to Sri Lanka had been foiled, prison sources said yesterday.

The secret plot was foiled as some vital information of the plan to arrange the meeting had been leaked to prison authorities by some elements within the group.

Following that information, prison authorities conducted a sudden search operation on Sunday and recovered 18 satellite phones which had been used by the inmates to link up with the members of the LTTE Diaspora.

UN Human Rights chief Navanetham Pillay is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka in August this year. According to prisons sources, the LTTE inmates had planned to complain to her and request her to visit the New Magazine prison and use her influence to secure their release.

All phones recovered from the LTTE cells have been handed over to the Terrorist Investigation Division for further investigations while policemen have been deployed to question the inmates on how they got hold of sophisticated phones.

There are over 300 LTTE inmates in the New Magazine prisons.(TELO media)

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