Sri Lankan Tamil duo mastermind fake ATM card racket

ATM      The Indian Q branch police arrested two more persons – Habib Rahman of Saibaba Colony in Coimbatore and Muthukumar, Sellur, in Madurai in connection with an ATM card fraud case.

However, investigations have revealed that the mastermind behind the whole racket were two Sri Lankan Tamils residing abroad.
Police suspect that the Lankan Tamil duo, identified as Mugundhan, residing in Canada and Sunil in Indonesia have connections with the former LTTE members.

A senior police officer said that they have sought the help of Interpol to bring the duo, who have allegedly established a global network for the racket, to Tamil Nadu for an investigation.

The gang members sourced debit card details of NRIs through skimmer machines and e-mailed the data to gang members operating in India. “Once the gang members receive the debit card data, they immediately prepare fake cards and withdraw cash before the card is blocked by a default system. Most of the details were hacked through shopping malls, cinema halls and showrooms with the help of the sales staff and employees of malls,” an official said.

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