Rally against hate at Green Path

hate      A voluntary, non-partisan, multi-ethnic/religious youth movement, committed to ending hate and injustice in Sri Lanka is to stage a rally against hate at Green Path in Colombo tomorrow.

“Still recovering from a 26 year long war, we see the signs of more hatred growing in our society. We feel it is our responsibility as the youth of this country to help build a hate-free Sri Lanka,” the organizers said.

The ‘Rally for Unity – Hate has NO place in Sri Lanka’ will be held from 10.45am – 12.45pm beginning at Green Path opposite Nelum Pokuna tomorrow (Sunday).

Several MPs from the Government and Opposition parties have given anti-hate video messages in support of the rally. Speakers at the rally will include Buddhist monks and other influential moderates from society.

“As we want to maintain our non-partisan nature, we would like to insist that there be no branding of organizations/institutes/political parties etc., at the event. Our vision is to create a non-violent people’s movement committed to ending hate and eradicating inequality and injustice from Sri Lanka,”.

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