Pavithra lying

electricitymeterFormer Minister of Power – Champika Ranawaka denied media reports quoting the Power and Energy Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi that the proposal to increase electricity tariffs, was proposed by him.The former power minister said that the electricity tariff and petroleum price hike should not be done according to the whims of  officials.

It should be done according to a price revision introduced under the scrutiny of a panel of professionals accepted by the public and in a responsible manner.

Denying the statement of Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Minister Champika Ranawaka said that he has not submitted any proposal to either the cabinet, the Ceylon Electricity Board or the President on the revision of electricity tariffs for 2013.

Noting that this price hike was against the government’s practice of imposing a tariff scheme that was affordable to the poor.

Minister Ranawaka also expresses suspicion over the reason to hike the electricity tariff at a time when the hydropower stations in Sri Lanka were overflowing.

He said that the CPC’s massive losses of Rs. 150 billion did not occur due to the price hikes in the international market, and the depreciation of the rupee and droughts were responsible for it. The Minister said that consumers who use less should face low tariffs while high users should face high costs, and the economic status of consumers should be taken into consideration.

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