Minister Wants Guarantee, Chandimal will not play

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ipl 2       Dinesh Chandimal, Sri Lanka’s T20 international skipper has rejected offers to play in the sixth edition of the IPL, cricket board sources said.

Chandimal was not among the 13 Sri Lankan players originally contracted to play in the IPL auction. He is said to have rejected offers from Pune Warriors to fill in the void of the injured Australian captain Michael Clarke and from Delhi Daredevils to replace English batsman Kevin Pietersen, who is injured.

Sri Lanka will not allow its cricketers to travel to India to play in the IPL Twenty 20 tournament next month unless it gets guarantees from New Delhi over their safety, the sports minister said.

Amid anger among Indian Tamils about the Sri Lanka government’s treatment of their ethnic kinsmen, the chief minister of the southern state of Tamil Nadu had earlier said she would bar any Sri Lankans from playing on her patch.

Organisers then said that none of the 13 Sri Lankan players would take the field in games being hosted by Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Speaking on state television, Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage said he was now seeking assurances about the safety of all 13 Sri Lankan players signed up to play in the Indian Premier League, including star batsman Kumar Sangakkara and the record-breaking spin bowler Muttiah Muralitharan.

“Our cricket board has written to the Indian board and our external affairs ministry has asked the Indian government for assurances of safety,” he said.

“The situation in Tamil Nadu appears to be not good right now so no player will be allowed to go without the necessary guarantees of safety.”

His comments come after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa had said that she would not allow any IPL matches to be staged in the state if they featured Sri Lankan players or officials or support staff in these matches.

දිනේෂ් චන්දිමාල් අයි.පී.එල් ප‍්‍රතික්ෂේප කර ඇතැයි….

ලංකා විස්සයි20 පිලේ නායක දිනේෂ් චන්දිමාල්ට ඉන්දීය ප‍්‍රධානතම විස්සයි20 ක‍්‍රිකට් තරගාවලියේ (අයි.පී.එල්.) කණ්ඩායම් දෙකකින් ලැබුණු ආරාධනා ප‍්‍රතික්ෂේප කර ඇතැයි වාර්තා වේ. දිල්ලි ඩෙයාර්ඩෙවිල්ස් සහ පූනේ වෝරියස් යන කණ්ඩායම්වලින් මෙවර තරගාවලියට සහභාගි වන ලෙස චන්දිමාල්ගෙන් ඉල්ලීම් කර ඇති බව වාර්තා වේ.
ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේදී ඉදිරි මාස දෙකක කාලයේ තමන්ට විශේෂ පුහුණු සැසියකට සහභාගි වීමට ඇති බව චන්දිමාල් දන්වා ඇතැයි වැඩි දුරටත් වාර්තා වේ.

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