No damage to country over CJ

Untitled-31 The President pointed out that the constitution has vested powers in the Parliament to submit an impeachment motion to review discipline and conduct of higher judges.

He said that it was the United National Party and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna who made the first demand for impeaching the former Chief Justice and the media also expressed views in this connection against the former Chief Justice.

These comments were made by the President made at a discussion held with the Heads and Chief Editors of Media Institutions at Temple Trees last night.

He said that some vested interests are attempting to present the impeachment as an action taken to fulfill his personal desire. The President said that he referred the address by Parliament for expert opinion from four different professionals and they had endorsed the PSC report. They included Mark Cooray a legal professional resident in Australia a professional banker and a former judge and that the most suitable person has been appointed to the post of Chief Justice.
Speaking on the visit of the three US state officials the President Rajapakse said that there had been no pressure from them and their visit was approved by the government.

The President said the people of this country suffered for more than 30 years due to communal extremism and no one will be permitted to create such situations in the country once again.

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