Canadian TamilThe Canadian Tamil congress (CTC) congratulates the Hon. R. Sampanthan, leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), on being named the official opposition leader in the Sri Lankan Parliament. Mr. Sampanthan, who started his political career in 1956, is a person of deep political understanding and immense integrity.

The desire expressed by the TNA to assume this role demonstrates TNA’s willingness to play an important national role in the future wellbeing of a united Sri Lanka. While assuming this role, TNA has stated its primary mandate to achieve a political resolution to the Tamil question and accountability and justice to the victims of human rights violations is not contradictory to the national role it has assumed.

We congratulate the TNA for achieving this milestone through its electoral success. As always, CTC recognizes and respects the wishes of all the people of Sri Lanka, especially the Tamil people, and stands ready to assist the TNA and its leader Mr. R Sampanthan in the quest to achieve real equality, justice, peace and respect for Tamil people.(CTC)

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