Independence Day Participation’ is a great betrayal says Tamil Arasu Kachchi Vice President

shadow boxingThe Senior Vice President of the Federal Party, Professor C. K. Sittampalam condemned, the participation of Iillankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) at the Independence day celebration held in Sri Lanka yesterday is a great betrayal done to Tamil people and their struggle, and has said that this is a lowly act of bargaining conscience and sacrifices of the people.

“Action should be taken against those who had participated in this occasion. The central committee should be called for this purpose” he has insisted”

“We could not permit the pathetic state of a few determining the destiny of our people. The time has come to deeply think of concrete alternate action for this” the Professor further emphasised.

Following is the full statement:

As the unitary state system, which was formed when Sri Lanka attained its independence in 1948, and the subsequent government systems which came into effect, paved the way for Buddhist Sinhala domination, without acknowledging the justifiable aspiration of the national minority races.  They became the basis of a doctrine that freedom is the majority Buddhist Sinhala race. It is history that, Iillankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi, Tamil United Liberation Front and the today’s Tamil National Alliance, not only boycotted independence day celebrations repeatedly but also held black – flag demonstrations on those days.

In a conjuncture where just political solution for us is not reached, the immeasurable sacrifices of our leaders, people and liberation fighters who had destroyed themselves are the factor that is shaking the conscience of the International Community to realize that they have the duty and righteous responsibility to grant the Tamils a just solution.

While, disabled people, widows, people gone missing and the displaced persons are left behind as exhibits by our struggle, those who beat their chest that they are guardians of Tamil   national race, and then go under the Sinhala flag which is the symbol of domination of the Sinhala race, to bargain their conscience and sacrifices of the people, will not be accepted by anybody who has conscience. They will also not forgive this lowly act.

Hence, forgetting the immeasurable sacrifices of our people and being seen as a guest of the same regime which not only saying that the solution for our peoples sacrifices are the unitary state and the 13th Amendment and also under taking efforts to blunt down International Inquires is nothing but a very big betrayal of our people and our struggle.

We could not permit the pathetic state of a few determining the destiny of our people. The time has come to deeply think of concrete alternate action for this.

Since the Central Committee has the responsibility and duty to decide what action should be taken against those people who had participated in this event without acting as per guidance of it the Central Committee should be called up immediately, he had said.

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