NPC councillor refuses to endorse Maithri

tna 2A second Tamil National Alliance (TNA) councillor of the Northern Province has publicly stated he will not be backing the common opposition’s presidential candidate, Maithripala Sirisena at the election on January 8.

“I cannot campaign endorsing any of them,” Councillor Ravikaran told the Uthayan Newspaper.

“I cannot vote or sing praise to them, stepping on the emotions of our people who died. I am not going to campaign for anyone, except those who honestly speak for Tamils from the Tamil homeland. This is my decision based on my aspirations.”

Earlier this week, NPC councillor Ananthi Sasitharan also said she would not be voting for either candidate as neither fulfilled the aspirations of the Tamil people.

“To vote for Maithripala Sirisena, whose stance is against that, is against my conscience,” she said. See more here.

Their refusal to endorse the opposition’s campaign follows the TNA leadership announced its support for Maithripala.

Criticising key members of both sides, Councillor Ravikaran also pointed out that Maithripala was a full member of the Rajapaksa regime at the time when Tamils were slaughtered in their masses.

“Chandrika gave us the displacement of 5 lakhs of people in Jaffna, as has never been seen before in history. We have faced atrocities such as Semmanikkuzhi grave and many other atrocities in her ruling time. Also she herself has claimed that 75% of military victory against the Tamils is due to her.”

“The barbaric Mullivaikal massacre, standing as the symbol of the genocide of Tamils, was brought to us in Mahinda’s rule. Even today, our people are living as walking corpses with injuries and depression, unable to recover from the crisis.”

“Sarath Fonseka, was the Commander in charge during this war, which brought Tamils destruction and loss.” “Whilst our people were being destroyed in Mullivaikal, Maithripala Srisena had his share in politics.”

Stating that the Rajapaksa government meanwhile could rig the election, Ravikaran said, “Mahinda’s government is trying to portray to the international community that Tamils are with him. We cannot allow voting fraud in this [election], using the Tamil people’s mandate.”

“The solution for us lies in a united struggle using the power of the people. Whoever wins in this election, the voice for rights is what is important for our solution. Whoever comes to the power at the end of this election, my voice will be for a permanent solution that meets the aspirations of the Tamils in the Tamil homeland.”

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