TNA refutes claims made by the Island newspaper

tna 2Issuing a statement on the allegations of blank signed forms being found on  S Krishnarasa the TNA said, ‘the TNA does not support the collection of evidence for the OHCHR investigation.”

We publish below the statement in full;

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) wishes to refute several false claims made in a news item titled “Police hunt for TNA Vavuniya organiser, Governor takes up Ananthi’s conduct with NPC: Signatures on blank UN war crimes complaint forms” by Shamindra Ferdinando which appeared in the Island newspaper, on 31 October 2014.

The contents of the article contain a number of erroneous and misleading assertions. The article falsely suggest that the TNA, through a senior TNA official named Alva Pulle Vijendrakumar alias Sun Master, is involved in a scheme to provide fabricated evidence to the OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka through the distribution and collection of forms. These assertions are untrue. Mr Vijendrakumar is not a TNA official, nor is he a member of the TNA, and his alleged activities with regard to the distribution and collection of forms have not been endorsed by the TNA. Further, whether or not the allegations of blank signed forms being found on the recently arrested Mr. Krishnarasa are true, the TNA does not support the collection of evidence for the OHCHR investigation through the distribution and collection of specimen forms, not least because the evidential value of information collected in this manner is very low. The suggestion that the TNA is involved in collecting fabricated evidence is thus spurious and manifestly untrue.

The TNA unequivocally asserts the right of all victims and witnesses of crimes to present information known by them to the OHCHR investigation, and condemns threats made by government functionaries against victims and witnesses who cooperate with UN mechanisms. The TNA has encouraged all victims of international crimes committed in Sri Lanka to make submissions to the OHCHR investigation through proper and appropriate channels. (TNA)

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