Attack made on Vavuniya Citizens Committee Chairman

shadow boxingVavuniya District Citizens Committee Chairman G.Thevarajah has been attacked by unidentified persons yesterday (08) and been hospitalized in Nedunkerny.

He was returning home after holding discussion on the protest to be staged at Vavuniya when two individuals had arrived in a motorbike and threatened him  and later attacked him with a rod. The attack is said to have been  made on him due to the protest that is going to be held on 10 October 2014 in Vavuniya asking for the release of Jeyakumari and other political detainees. The Free Jeyakumari movement says that he was attacked while returning from his shop at Nedunkeney.

However investigators state that the attack is due to an enmity  between Thevarajah and some Samurdhi Officers and villagers over the construction of wells for the villagers due to the drought conditions which prevailed for which money had been collected but work not carried out. They state that the assailants had tried to draw a red herring by carrying out the attack on the eve of the protest to lead the investigators astray.  They state that Thevarajah had in October 2013, had an altercation with a Samurdhi Officer leading to an exchange of blows and the Samurdhi Officer had been hospitalised following injuries sustained in the assault by Thevarajah.

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