If power is distributed evenly, then separation can be avoided

Sampanthan.jpg 2Tamil National Alliance leader R.. Sampanthan said the Scotland decision is a lesson to Sri Lanka.

The decision made by the people of Scotland through the opinion poll to decide the fate of their political future is a great democratic process. At the same time, whatever may be the decision of the Scotland people, all the prominent party leaders of the United Kingdom have insisted that more powers should be given to Scotland.

Therefore, this is a very appropriate lesson to be learnt for a country like Sri Lanka and its leaders that by providing relevant powers to the separate ethnic division living in a separate habitat, split could be avoided.

As per the opinion poll voting, result has been clear that the people of Scotland would like to be united with the United Kingdom. But at the same time, they would like to have more powers than what is existing with them currently.

The three important political parties of UK have stressed on this part only. From this, they have made it clear that by giving more powers to Scotland, they can stop the protests and demonstrations of separation. This will be a good lesson for countries like Sri Lanka, he said.

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