wignes2Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister C. M. Wigneswaran stated the Sri Lankan Army and those who work with them, are stopping people from taking part in Northern Provincial Council events.

Intimidation from the military was keeping the Tamil population away from NPC events, said Wigneswaran adding that the Sri Lankan Army was photographing all those who do attend.

“We do not know the reason for military personals taking photographs at our events, but they are taking photographs of us and the public,” said the Chief Minister.

Demanding that the Army “must stop such activities”, Wigneswaran outlined the threat that the people of the North-East faced from the security forces, saying, “We are in need protection from the Army… no one else.”

Wigneswaran, who was addressing an event at the Mulangaavil Womens club in Kilinochchi, added that members of certain political parties were involved in the intimidation, saying that people should start photographing and documenting these activities so that they can be reported through the media. (BBC)

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