Government is spying on me: Vigneswaran

wignes2The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, C. V. Wigneswaran has said that the members of Sri Lankan government intelligence services are spying on him.

Wigneswaran has said that several persons posing as media men photographed him during a meeting with the German Ambassador to Sri Lanka on Friday in Jaffna, the BBC Sinhala service reported.

When the Chief Minister complained to the German Ambassador about the incident, the German envoy too has said that some suspicious persons took his photograph as well.

Noting that Israel uses new intelligence methods that study the external appearances of a person from photos to gather important information, the Chief Minister has said that the Sri Lankan government is also possibly using similar techniques using spies to get information on him.

Wigneswaran told BBC that he suspects the government is using these tactics since he is preparing to meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even though it is a threat to his life he does not fear the government’s spying on him. (Colombo Page)

The former Supreme Court judge said if the Sri Lankan government says, according to the law the Chief Minister needs permission from the government to meet the Indian PM, he is not reluctant to obtain such permission, but as far as he knows, Sri Lanka does not have such a law.


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