Student attacked at the Sabaragamuwa University

shadow boxingA Tamil student has been attacked at the Sabaragamuwa University and posters appeared across the campus warning all Tamil and Muslim students to leave the town immediately. Santhirakumar Sutharshan from Muhamalai was attacked with wooden logs by persons wearing masks, early on Sunday morning and admitted to the Balangoda Base hospital.

The Victim had finished studies at  midnight around on Saturday and  had gone to bed. The victim said he went to use the toilet at around 2am, when a person wearing a mask covered his mouth from behind whilst another beat him on the head with a wooden log, causing him to fall unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he found himself outside the hostel with a rope fastened around his neck.

The attack comes as the names of Tamil and Muslim first year students were published on posters posted across the university campus ordering the students to leave the .


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