glJustifying the deliberate distortion of facts concerning the anti-Muslim riots that erupted in Southern Sri Lanka during a statement by the Sri Lankan delegation before the 27th UNHRC sessions recently, External Affairs Minister Professor G. L. Peiris has explained the dangers of ‘internationalising’ the Aluthgama incident at a meeting with the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL).

A press release issued by the MCSL on the discussion between External Affairs Minister and Ministry officials and MCSL officials on July 7 on the statement made at the UNHRC regarding the Aluthgama incident, states that Prof. Peiris while explaining the government version of the incidents that expired in Aluthgama had stated that vested interests are attempting ‘to blow it out of proportion’.
While assuring the MCSL representatives that such incidents will not recur, Prof. Peiris had also warned them of the dangers of internationalising the incident, stating that such actions can have similar repercussions as that of the Tamil issue and the TNA that sought to internationalise their cause.
Meanwhile, the MCSL Vice President Hilmy Ahamed who has issued the statement on behalf of the MCSL says they raised concerns over holding Muslims at fault for the Aluthgama riots during the statement by the Sri Lankan delegation at the recent UNHRC sessions.
The MCSL had pointed out that by projecting a distorted picture on the events that expired in Aluthgama on June 15, the government in fact has missed out on a golden opportunity to assure the international community that Sri Lanka respects the rights of all minorities, that would have had a strong impact on the process that is being moved to carry out an international probe on Sri Lanka.
During their meeting with the External Affairs Minister, the MCSL had also raised objections on the extremist group Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) being allowed to continue its hate speech targeting Muslim community and had also agreed to address certain issues within the Muslim community that were of concern to the majority community. ( Colombo Telegraph)

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