Controversial Buddhist monk to visit Australia next week

gnanasara theroThe leader of Sri Lanka’s extremist Buddhist organization, Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), controversial monk Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero will reportedly travel to Australia at the end of next month, sources close to BBS said. He is to participate in meetings and religious functions in several cities of Australia.

Many Australian Sri Lankans are perturbed that whatever message this monk carries and promotes, his language and behaviour does not befit Buddhism or that of a Buddhist Monk, and that Sri Lankans in Australia have disgraced themselves and Buddhism by inviting this Monk to Australia.

They contend that this visit will also question how Sri Lankan Buddhists regard Buddhism in a country where Buddhism is the fastest growing religion. While many non Sri Lankan origin Buddhists are believers and true practitioners of the fundamental principles of Buddhism, they feel that this visit will indicate that Sri Lankan Buddhists are the antithesis of that as they will be seen to encourage a racists, foul mouthed, unethical person desecrating the robe that is symbolic of the principles of Buddhism as preached by Lord Buddha.

They are also wondering how this Monk had been granted a visa when he had been refused by the USA and France.

They also question why this Monk’s methods are shown any acceptance and why his unethical methods and behaviour and his double standards in pretending to be pious when he is not is being encouraged by Sri Lankans in Australia.

It is their contention that as the proverb says, if one spits in the air looking up, it only falls on your own face, and this perhaps is the message that those who invited this Monk and those who are going to patronise and show any respect to this Monk will have to contend with, the spit will fall on others faces as well for no fault of theirs.

Many feel that this Monk should have given up robes and fought his battles as a lay person rather than desecrating the robe which is symbolic of something pure, righteous and selfless.

If Sri Lankans in Australia have any self- respect and regard for other races in Sri Lanka and if they wish to solve whatever differences of opinion they have with other races in a peaceful, non aggressive manner, and if they value human life and dignity, they should demonstrate that by appealing to Australian authorities to cancel this Monks visit to Australia. He should not be made welcome in this country as a Buddhist Monk.  (Asian Tribune)

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