Sampanthan outraged about Aluthgama incident

SampanthanThe law enforcement officials were quite and they have not taken any actions as well, TNA leader R. Sampanthan said in the parliament on 17  June 2014 delivering a  speech in the parliament about the situation in Beruwala and Aluthgama.

” Before concluding my speech on human rights matters let me be allowed to mention a few things about the incident that took place in parts of  Beruwala, Aluthgama and Dargah Nagar. Some concerned persons were arrested an remanded and with that the matter is over.

I saw a video recording of a speech by Reverend Priest. Strong words in the speech is enough to initiate severe violence. The speech was urging people to seek violence. It was the worst speech, which insulted one particular community. In the speech, it was mentioned country the police force and armed forces are all Sinhala forces.The large number of people assembled there listened to it and continued to applause it. This was followed by a procession and as the procession started, the stores, homes and mosques were attacked and people were attacked.

A huge number of people were wounded and two were killed. Major damage was done to the Muslim population. At that time, why did not the law enforcement officials come? Why were they acting dysfunctionally? Why did not they take action?  You were there to ban the march by trade unions and workers to demand their rights. During the time when the university students tried to boycott for the problem they faced, you people blocked it and resisted the protest.

If so, why haven’t you stopped this procession? Which government resolution is prohibiting from stopping this march?  The authorities responsible to uphold the laws have relaxed on their duty? Were they aiding the violence without doing their duties? We want answers for these questions.

Any citizen of this country without seeing to what race he belongs to,  need to be provided with protection under the law. We want to clearly now understand what the position of government on this is.”

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