UNHRC Resolution  The US and UK urged Sri Lanka to cooperate with the upcoming international inquiry led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights as the UN Human Rights Council’s 26th session opened today.

Addressing the Council, the US Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Keith Harper thanked the Office of the High Commissioner for leading on the inquiry.

“We urge the Sri Lankan government to cooperate fully with the investigation, including granting access to investigators, and preventing retaliation against those who provide information to the High Commissioner’s office,” Harper said.

The United Kingdom said that ” we support your call for the Government of Sri Lanka, to cooperate with the international investigation,mandated by this council. We encourage the Sri Lankan Government to facilitate access and ensure those cooperating with the investigation can do so without fear of intimidation or reprisals.

In her last address as High Commissioner, Navi Pillay, listed her Office’s work in the promotion of human rights around the world. Highlighting the inquiry mandated by the Council during its last session in March, Ms Pillay said,

“I note also that last month marked the fifth anniversary of the end of the war in Sri Lanka, where the scars created by terrorism and conflict have yet to heal. My Office has now put in place a staff team that will be supported by several experts and Special Procedures mandate holders, to conduct the comprehensive investigation mandated by this Council in order to advance accountability, and thus reconciliation. I encourage the Government to take this opportunity to cooperate with a credible truth seeking process.”


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