TNA interested to hold discussions with Modi and Jayalalitha

tna 2The Tamil National Alliance says it is interested in holding discussions with the newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram. In this context the TNA has sent special letter to the two leaders yesterday.

The letter  reads as fellows,

Tamil National Alliance congratulates the sweeping victory of the AIADMK under your towering leadership. TNA also wish to use this opportunity to convey its gratitude on behalf of Tamils of SriLanka for unanimously passed encouraging resolutions in the State Legislative Assembly towards finding a sustainable solution to the SriLankan Tamil conflict.

We hope and wish the sweeping mandate of Tamil Nadu would provide adequate strength towards implementation of those resolutions.

Ironically after the end of war, the very existence of Tamil in SriLanka turned increasingly vulnerable, The state is using its entire power and the arm forces to grab Tamils lands and livelihood from them.

Day to day life of Tamils and the security in all spheres of their life under severe threat. The entire state structure directed to ensure the comprehensive suppression of fundamental and human rights of Tamil using iron fist of armed forces and intelligence to mute their voice.

In this crucial juncture Tamil are earnestly looking for your favorable action and to ensure our right to live with Tamil identity and self respect as a nation.

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