Diaspora Regroups    Sri Lanka today appealed to Canada not to ignore its designated terrorist list that includes the LTTE, saying it would be in violation of a UN resolution on counterterrorism. Canada last week said they would ignore Sri Lanka’s terrorist list that included several Canadian residents among the 424 individuals.

Sri Lanka in late March designated some 16 organisations and 424 individuals as those who are attempting to commit or facilitate “terrorist acts”. The move described as a “counterterrorism” measure came in an environment of reported resurgence of the LTTE.

Military spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya said the LTTE was among the 16 organisations listed by Sri Lanka. “Canada must remind themselves that LTTE remains a terrorist organisation as they have banned them,” he said. “We hope that Canada will act accordingly”.
Wanigasooriya said Sri Lanka has set in motion a process working through diplomatic channels to contact the respective governments on the individuals and organisations listed as ‘terrorist’.

Canadian foreign minister John Baird said the listed organisations were free to operate in Canada. Wanigasooriya said Sri Lanka’s action to designate as terrorist individuals and organisations was in line with a UN security council resolution on counterterrorism. Hence, the Canadian action would tantamount to an act in violation of the UN resolution, Wanigasooriya said.(PTI)

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