TRAC responds to BBS

bodu bala sena logo   The Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) USA responded to allegations by the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) belittling its classification as a terrorist group yesterday.

TRAC Editorial Director, Veryan Khan told Ceylon Today the organization had assessed the BBS statements and the extreme levels of religious intolerance evident in several videos. She said TRAC had analyzed BBS members’ actions of involving in acts of violence against churches, mosques and shops selling Halal food. Those were sufficient indicators for profiling the BBS, Khan said.

Responding to a question on why TRAC had also classified political groups such as the UNP, JVP and UPFA as alleged terrorist organisations, she said that the classification of groups by TRAC was not a legal process nor set by any legal criteria. “An ordinary viewer of the website would only be capable of viewing 10% of the material published by TRAC. Only TRAC subscribers were enabled to obtain the full details,” Khan said.

“TRAC never deletes groups that have been identified as a potential threat,” she further said.
But Khan claimed that TRAC had always acknowledged when a historically violent group had ceased to be violent or had become a legitimate political party.

She added that TRAC never intended to designate groups as terrorists, but rather only to report on the activities of groups identified as a threat. (Ceylon Today)

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