Reconciliation will not take place without international intervention, Gajendrakumar

reconciliation  The Sri Lankan government’s proscription of 15 diaspora organisations and over 400 individuals proves that reconciliation will not take place without meaningful international intervention that recognises Tamil self-determination, Mr. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, the President of the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF), said yesterday.

“The international community has been harping on a non existent reconciliation, but the listing of Tamil organisations and activists is yet another step that proves that reconciliation will remain a non starter unless the International community intervenes in an unambiguous and meaningful manner by themselves recognising the Tamil peoples right to self determination,” he said.

“Anything short will only embolden and legitimise the path the Sri Lankan state has chosen,” Mr. Ponnambalam added.

Speaking on the TNA visit to South Africa he said, “At a time when the Sri Lankan govt has banned a significant portion of the Tamil nation’s organisations, on unsubstantiated and baseless charges, one will have to seriously question the timing and purpose of the proposed round of talks the TNA hopes to have in South Africa.”

“You can’t disenfranchise a section of the people you are meant to reconcile with, the very basis for negotiations ceases to exist.”

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