Sri Lanka aims to cut us off from the diaspora – TNA’s Shivajilingham

Banned    The TNA member and Northern Provincial Council member M.K. Shivajilingham condemned the Sri Lankan government’s move to proscribe 15 Tamil diaspora organisations as a deliberate attempt to divide the diaspora and the homeland.

“The Sri Lankan government is trying to cut us off from the diaspora, especially trying to stop political parties, such as the TNA and the TNPF, from engaging with diaspora organisations,”

“By doing this, the government is ultimately trying to ban us from speaking to the diaspora. For example, we took part in the Land Grabs conference organised by BTF (British Tamils Forum), so if they ban BTF, then they can accuse us of taking part in it, and criminalise us too. That’s exactly why they are trying to do this.”

Describing the move to repress Tamil voices abroad as absurd, Mr. Shivajilingham said,

“Is Sri Lanka now the police force to international countries? They [Sri Lankan state] don’t even state what alleged terrorist or illegal activities these organisations have been involved in. The respective organisations need to decide what to do about this, so we can look at how to tackle this going forward.”

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