Proscription of diaspora orgs is to demoralise Tamils in homeland – K. Guruparan

Diaspora Regroups    Sharing the concerns raised by Tamil diaspora activists over the Sri Lankan state’s proscription of 15 Tamil diaspora organisations, Kumaravadivel Guruparan, a lecturer of law at the University of Jaffna, and member of the Tamil Civil Society Forum, told Tamil Guardian, “the overarching goal was to demoralise Tamils in the homeland, given that the diaspora is considered by Tamils in the homeland as a source of strength.”

Stating that the most immediate goal was to delegitimise the involvement of Tamil diaspora organisations in OHCHR’s remote inquiry however, Mr. Guruparan said, “this proscription will make it difficult for the OHCHR to engage with these organisations”.

Detailing the implications of the proscription to Tamils in the homeland, Mr. Guruparan said,

“It will prevent information flow from North-East to diaspora activists, hence restricting information regarding ongoing violations. It will criminalise joint political ventures between diaspora organisations and Tamil political parties and civil society from the North-East.”

Highlighting the diaspora significant financial contribution to the Tamils in the homeland, he added,

“It will stifle funding for Tamil political parties, such as the TNA and the TNPF, who have very few or no means of local fund raising, given the stifled economy of the North-East, and will also affect small scale diaspora livelihood projects on the ground.”

“It may even affect Diaspora remittances to individuals too ultimately. The Sri Lankan state can use membership in an organisation of diaspora individual to target an individual in the homeland who is in receipt of such remittances.”

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