cameron  The British Prime Minister David Cameron said today that he had “secured the full backing of all the EU” in favour of an UNHRC resolution calling for accountability in Sri Lanka, due to be voted on next week.

Speaking at a press conference following the European Council on 21 March 2014, Prime Minister Cameron said that he had also raised the situation in Sri Lanka at the Council and stressed the need for an “international, independent investigation”.

” I also raised the situation in Sri Lanka. As you know, this is an issue I care deeply about. I want to see reconciliation in the country, and that means properly addressing issues of the past. President Rajapaksa has failed to do this, so now we need an international, independent investigation into alleged war crimes. The UN human rights commissioner has called for this, and that is what a UK co-sponsored resolution at the UN human rights council supports. Countries will vote on that resolution next week, and today I secured the full backing of all of the European Union for that approach.” (

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