Ananthy Sasitharan  The Sri Lankan Army accused the Northern Province Councillor and campaigner, Ananthi Sasitharan and other politicians of making “misleading statements” that were “politically motivated” about the Sri Lankan police’s arrest and detention of the prominent disappearances campaigner, Balendran Jeyakumari and her 13 year old daughter, Vipoosika.

Statement by the Sri Lankan Army:

A team of law enforcement officers conducting an investigation into recent distribution of hand bills in the north by LTTE propagandists with a message detrimental to national unity have trailed a known ex LTTE cadre named Gobi who had escaped from Vavuniya Welfare Centre immediately after the end of conflict. On reliable information that the suspect was hiding in a house in Killinochchi area, on 13 March 2014 the team went to arrest him. The suspect who was in possession of a gun opened fire and escaped wounding an officer who is now hospitalized.

When the house he was hiding was searched a F-3 type Metal Detector which is used to detect metal objects/mines buried underground was found in the premises. The owner of the house a woman named Balendran Jayakumari was taken into custody for harboring an armed criminal wanted in connection with an ongoing investigation. Her young daughter (a minor aged 13) was also taken in to protective custody as there was no adult in the neighborhood willing to give shelter to her.

The woman was produced to the magistrate courts and has been detained after following due legal procedure.

The allegations made by Ms. Ananthy Sashidharan and other politicians with vested interests that this arrest was carried out as the suspect was one of their supporters is incorrect and totally baseless. Such misleading statements are politically motivated and we reject these attempts to hide the truth. The actions taken by the law enforcement authorities are well within the existing legal framework and are carried out to ensure peace, territorial integrity and national unity.

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