channel 4  The draft UNHRC resolution was a “bit of diplomatic fudge” said the director of ‘No Fire Zone: Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, Callum Macrae in an interview with Channel 4 news.

Speaking on the news programme following the emergence of more video evidence on violence against Tamil female fighters, Mr. Macrae said, “An earlier draft [of the resolution] has leaked, which is a little bit of a diplomatic fudge really. It doesn’t call for the setting up of an independent mechanism or commission as many people hoped.”

Outlining the various reactions to the draft resolution, he added, “I think the Sri Lankan government will regard this as a grotesque infringement of their sovereignty and the kind of interference that is not justified.”

“I think supporters of the resolution like India, America and Britain – India is not certain, but certainly America and Britain – will regard this as slow but significant progress, on the way to some kind of judicial inquiry.”

“I think that Tamil groups and human rights organisations will regard it as a bit of a fudge, and really an opportunity for the Sri Lankan government to string the international community along for another year.”

The video, the latest in a growing pool of video and photograph evidence of atrocities committed against Tamil civilians and fighters. It was filmed by a soldier on a mobile phone and its shows Sinhala-speaking soldiers laughing and cheering.

The United Nations Human Rights Council is meeting this month in Geneva where it is considering calls for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry into all the crimes committed during the final stages of this awful war. Up To now the council has resisted calls to set up some kind of international inquiry – preferring to repeat calls on the government to mount its own investigation and take serious steps towards reconciliation and the addressing of political grievances.

The Sri Lanka High Commission has issued the following response to the latest video evidence:

"Your latest attempt to denigrate Sri Lanka is a continuation of your pernicious campaign that has already been exposed in the book Corrupted Journalism Channel 4 and Sri Lanka.

Your allegations are such unmitigated and unsubstantiated rubbish that you make even gutter journalism appear to be Pulitzer Prize-winning professionalism.

What makes your journalism doubly dubious and obnoxiously unbalanced is that you expect us to comment on footage which, in fairness, we have not even been given the opportunity of seeing or hearing.

It is a pity that your continuing propagandist vendetta against Sri Lanka only continues to undermine the process of reconciliation and healing that we have undertaken after a near three-decade long terrorist war.

It is certainly not going to help those in Sri Lanka you pretend you are helping but who only wish to live in peace without external meddling and posturing.

Your crude journalism exposes both Callum and your calumny".

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