vaiko    Describing the first draft of the resolution tabled by the US, UK and other countries on Sri Lanka as sweet-coated poison, MDMK leader Vaiko on Friday appealed to the Indian government to introduce a separate resolution calling for international, independent enquiry into the genocide of island Tamils during Lankan military offensive in 2009.

Releasing three books authoried by MDMK functionaries here, Vaiko said the resolution also contain a call for referendum on separate Tamil Eelam among Tamils living the island and abroad.

Vaiko also praised the Russian president Vladimir Putin for his stand on the Crimean issue and said “Russia is intervening on the sole reason that Crimea is a Russian language speaking part of Ukraine and India should follow suit”.

Expressing shock at the draft, Vaiko said “it appears to be conspiracy to protect the Lankan government and permanently bury justice for the affected Tamils”. (Indian Express)

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