Govt has not fulfilled any of its promises’. Vigneswaran

wigneswaran    Chief Minister C. V. Vigneswaran says that the government has not fulfilled any of its promises to the Northern Provincial Council and that even calls to scale down troops in the war-torn province have gone unheard. “We were promised many things but in the end we have received nothing,” he said in an interview with the BBC Sinhala Service.” We are not asking for a division of the country but division of power. We received votes as we said so.”

The President has not kept his promises in the administration of Northern Provincial Council. When the solution is not available internally people are seeking international community, said Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Vigneswaran. The Northern provincial council decided to request an international investigation into the war crime allegations against Sri Lanka as the government is rejecting to conduct even a local investigation let alone punishing those who are responsible for war crimes, he said.

“Verbally he has made promises to give so many things. Ultimately there was not a single thing we received. He nicely conversed with us, but has not given a thing,” he said.

The Government has not taken any effort to learn about the war crimes in the last phase of the war. Without inquiring the facts claiming military as innocent has no truth in it. Family members of the north have the rights to know about the whatsoever happened to their family members. He stated that the people in the Northern Province have lost many of their family members during the war. “The people who came out of there know what happened there.”

Instead of completely investigating the final stages of the war and finding out what actually had taken place, the government is saying that there is no need for an investigation and that they trust their soldiers, he said. He says that the people in the North have the right to find out what happened to their relatives.  “The truth needs to be revealed. If any person has committed a wrongdoing then they should be punished,” he said, adding that ‘you reap what you sow’.

Military count has not been reduced in the north and the repeated demand was not yet fulfilled by the government. “ we are saying that the military number is one lakh 50 thousand people. However, our President came to Jaffna said there are 12 thousand people. The next day, President ‘s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga said there are about 70 thousand soldiers, ” said the Chief Minister.

The livelihood of people is being disturbed by the military. Further commenting on the matter the CM Vigneswaran said” We are not asking for a division of the country but division of power. We received votes as we said so.”

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