India will take a stance after seeing text

India human rights   Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh told a group of visiting Sri Lankan journalists in New Delhi yesterday that the Indian Government has not taken a decision on the resolution as the final text of the document has not yet been made available. Refusing to state their stance regarding the proposed UNHRC resolution the Indian Foreign Secretary, told that India will only take a stance once it has seen the text of the resolution.
The Foreign Secretary also asserted that India has it’s own views on Sri Lanka and communicates that view to Sri Lanka, including on the Tamil issue and that India hopes that Sri Lanka would fully implement the 13th amendment in order to create a fair and just society for every citizen of Sri Lanka.
Speaking on the 13th Amendment to the constitution, Singh said that it is important for Sri Lanka to implement the 13th Amendment and go beyond it.

“Our objective continues to remain the achievement of a future for the Tamil community in Sri Lanka that is marked by equality, dignity, justice and self respect. So, it is important in this context that the Government of Sri Lanka resumes a substantive dialogue with the TNA for a political settlement and reconciliation. India has consistently urged the Sri Lankan Government to take forward the process of broader dialogue so that we can see some concrete movements towards a meaningful devolution of powers including implementation of the 13th Amendment and beyond,” she said. In fact Sri Lanka pledged to implement 13 plus, she added. 

Mrs Singh said that India is not concerned at all on Sri Lanka’s growing economic relations with China, and stated that there are many Indo- China projects taking place in India as well. however, India would like to see Sri Lanka remain as its largest trading partner in the South Asian region.

Sujatha Singh said the issue of fishermen is a very sensitive issue for both countries and should be resolved amicably, and that the Sampur coal power plant would be underway once some technical issues are sorted out by the two countries.

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