David Cameron does not run the world says Rajiva Wijesinha

Al Jazeera   Presidential Adviser on Reconciliation Rajiva Wijesinha indignantly dismissed calls for an international investigation, in a heated interview with Al Jazeera this week.

In a 5-minute interview, where Wijesinha frequently clashed with the Al Jazeera presenter whom he referred to as “my dear lady”, he stated that there was “no question” of an international investigation into human rights violations.

He went on to rebuke the presenter for echoing calls for an international investigation, stating that he “rejects totally” claims that the Sri Lankan government has been unable to independently investigate itself.

The Sri Lankan MP also went to slam British Prime Minister David Cameron, stating he doesn’t “run the world” and accusing him of “talking rubbish”, before labelling Gordon Weiss, who helped co-author an ICEP report released this week, “a very clear liar”.

Even Al Jazeera was criticised harshly by Wijesinha, who he accused alongside of having a “disease”, alongside people of the West for focussing on accountability for war crimes.

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