Ananthy Sasitharan    The wife of former LTTE Trincomalee district political head S. Elilan met the Presidential Commission on disappearances today and lodged a complaint about her missing husband.

Anandi Sasitharan told the Colombo Gazette that she shared details about her husband with the Commission and insisted that he was last seen with the army.

Sasitharan met the Commission in Kilinochchi where it has been recording statements since Saturday from families of those reported missing.

“I told the Commission that my husband was taken away by the army on 18th May 2009 in front of my own eyes when we handed ourselves to the military during the final days of the war. I also told the Commission I can give more evidence about Elilan if they need,” she said.

A member of the Northern Provincial Council, Sasitharan said that she had no faith in the Presidential Commission but yet gave a statement today just so that the Government does not say she boycotted meeting the Commission.

“The Commission members told me they had the authority to take action but I told them that’s what even the LLRC said so I have no faith in them. But I told them I will continue to fight for justice for my husband,” she said.

Meanwhile she also claimed that several people from some villages in Kilinochchi were prevented from making statements to the Commission today by the army.

She said the army had given them tokens and asked them to appear at makeshift camps where death certificates were to be handed over on behalf of those missing.

Sasitharan said that most family members of those missing refused to accept the death certificates but at the same time stayed away from the Commission out of fear. (Colombo Gazette)

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