tna 2  Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian Suresh Premachchandran speaking to journalists  on Monday in Jaffna, to brief them on the present political situation in the country said that TNA will hold discussions with 24 nations to strengthen the resolution to be brought against SriLanka at the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva. The TNA MP said that the Tamil community strongly believe in conducting of  an international investigation.  

Speaking further the MP went on to say,

Two resolutions were passed against SriLanka in year 2012 and 2013. These two resolutions stressed on resettlement, evacuating military personals, disappeared personals, problems face by political prisoners and political solution. Yet the government failed to solve these issues.  The government continuously informs the international community on unity between Sinhala – Tamil communities. However in the recent past highest number of communal violence’s reported in this country and todate the Lankan government has failed to solve their  problems.

The Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa recently said that Tamil National Alliance provided false information to the international community on the census conducted by the  government on war victims. It’s very clear that minister is willing to stage another drama to cheat the people and the  international community, and we strongly oppose the government decision in collecting informations on war victims and have informed the international community inthis regard.

Though 4 months have elapsed after the northern provincial council elections thegovernment fail to support us to take over in a peaceful situation. We will inform international community in this regard the MP said.

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