Wingneswaran wants government to take action on disappeared

Disappearances     Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, C.V.Wingneswaran has requested the government to take action on the disappeared people in this country at the monthly meeting of the Northern Provincial Council.  Addressing the meeting CM went on to say that Government should release information on disappeared persons of this country. Northern Provincial Council member Ananthi Sasidharan presented  proposal demanding the release of Tamil detainees at the council yesterday. The Chief Minister seconded the proposal.

Meanwhile provincial councilor N.K.Sivajilingam presented another proposal demanding the President to release political prisoners unconditionally. He further stated that the government has granted a pardon and positions to LTTE senior leader Vinayagamoorthi Muralidharan , KP alias Kumaran Pathmanadan and to Padhuman. The Provincial councilor questioned as to why the government failed to grant a general amnesty to other political prisoners in this country?

Responding to the question the CM said, I met president Mahinda Rajapaksa on January 2 . At the meeting I requested president to grant a general amnesty for all political prisoners and proper action taken on the disappeared persons and responding to the question president had said, this was a legal issue and has ordered secretary Lalith Weerathunga to take action this regard.

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