Diaspora    Lakshman I.Keerthisinghe.

As time passes it become increasingly clear that the Tamil diaspora’s sinister assault on the sovereignty of the Sri Lankan State is gathering momentum on several fronts. These can be identified as the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union and Tamil Nadu in India. The recent resolution passed by the European Parliament regarding Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights violations, non attendance at the recent CHOGM by the Prime Ministers of both Canada and India, the adverse comments by the British Prime Minister David Cameron at the CHOGM, the adverse report against Sri Lanka by the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillai indicate the extent to which the Tamil diaspora have succeeded in lobbying the relevant power bases in order to advance their call for a separate state of Eelam in Sri Lanka.

The recent call by C.V. Wigneswaran Chief Minister for the Northern Provincial Council for the removal of a former Military Commander from the Governor’s position in the North and the consistent call of the West supported by the US and the UN for the removal of all military personnel from the North indicate the requirement of the diaspora to destabilize the security arrangements in the North to prepare for the advent of a separate state of Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

To the credit of Navi Pillai it was stated in her report on Sri Lanka that: ‘the LTTE was a murderous organization that committed numerous crimes and destroyed many lives. In fact, my only previous visit to Sri Lanka was to attend a commemoration of the celebrated legislator, peacemaker and scholar, Neelan Tiruchelvam, who was killed by an LTTE suicide bomb in July 1999. Those in the diaspora who continue to revere the memory of the LTTE must recognize that there should be no place for the glorification of such a ruthless organization.’ Well said indeed.

It was also stated that: ‘Throughout my visit, the authorities, at all levels, have been keen to demonstrate to me how much has been achieved in terms of resettlement, reconstruction and rehabilitation in the relatively short period since the conflict with the LTTE ended in 2009. And the reconstruction achievements, made with the help of donor countries, UN agencies and NGOs, are indeed impressive: in both the Eastern and Northern Provinces, large numbers of new roads, bridges, houses, medical facilities and schools have been built or rebuilt; electricity and water supplies have been greatly improved; and most of the landmines have been removed’.

As a result, the great majority of the more than 450,000 people who were internally displaced at the end of the conflict have now gone home. These are important achievements, and I understand the Government’s concern that they have perhaps not been sufficiently recognized.

Western nations

The reason for all the Western nations in the world to focus their undivided attention on the last stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka where the rebellion by the diabolic LTTE against the legitimately elected Government of Sri Lanka was defeated is obviously due to the untiring efforts of the diaspora who appear to be successfully lobbying the powerful politicians in the US, Canada and other Western nations with their franchise and vast wealth accumulated over the years by extortion from the misguided members of the diaspora employed in these countries.

The question posed at the outset of this piece raised in the Asian Tribune is worthy of serious consideration by all Sri Lankans including the Government of Sri Lanka. If the diaspora could organize themselves in to the Transitional Government of Tamil Eelam under Viswanathan Rudrakumaran and achieve successful lobbying as describe above at the UN, US, Canada and other Western nations to the level they seem to have marshaled does it not indicate a weakness in our diplomatic efforts in these countries by the Sri Lankan missions operating in these countries.

The countries supportive of the diaspora have their own agendas such as establishing a power base in the Indian ocean.

Channel 4

The time has now arrived where Sri Lanka can no longer be complacent and sit back and ignore the growing imbroglio that the Sri Lankan State is apparently sinking in to in the present international scenario. Although diabolic Velupillai Prabhakaran and the barbaric LTTE have been vanquished the diaspora have taken over the struggle and their ghosts seem to have returned from the grave dangling their chains.

Sri Lanka should take urgent steps to strengthen its foreign service by posting experienced, trained patriotic diplomats to its missions in these countries and remove all unsuitable and inexperienced persons in diplomatic positions thereby ensuring an efficient diplomatic service that could swiftly counter the overtures made by the diaspora to persons who matter in the US, UN, Canada and other Western countries. Such diplomats should not be persons who indulge in wasteful expenditure partying in these countries and living in luxury, educating their children in these countries and losing sight of the duties and obligation they bear towards their motherland. Constant strict supervision of the activities of such diplomats is a dire necessity.

LLRC recommendations

Sri Lanka has to oil its propaganda machine in order to project the correct picture of what occurred during the last stages of the conflict, the true picture of which is so far obliterated by the false propaganda churned out by Channel 4 and such other organizations spurred by the diaspora.

The efforts made by the security forces personnel at the risk of their own lives braving the bullets fired by the LTTE at the departing civilians, to safeguard the lives of those civilians who were used as a human shield during the last stages of the conflict by the LTTE should be demonstrated by video presentations in these countries.

The nexus between the UN, US, Canada, Western Nations and the Diaspora working in unison to establish a separate state of Eelam in Sri Lanka should be removed without further delay by untiring diplomatic efforts.

Navi Pillai stated in her report ‘From the very beginning, I have placed great hopes in Sri Lanka achieving true peace and reconciliation after the war. I welcomed the LLRC report as an important step in that direction, even though it side-stepped the much-needed full, transparent, impartial investigation into the conduct of a conflict that saw numerous war crimes and other violations committed by both sides. The Human Rights Council has expressed a strong interest in seeing progress in the implementation of the most important LLRC recommendations, and proper investigation of the many outstanding allegations and concerns.’ A Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be appointed to prepare a report on the extent to which the recommendations of the LLRC has been implemented by the Government of Sri Lanka in order to break the argument that these recommendations have not been implemented and also to entertain and inquire in to any further complaints that remain to be resolved. These measures would obviate the call for an international investigation in to such matters. It is advisable that Sri Lankan Government acts without further delay on these matters in order to counter any arguments that may be put forward at the UN human rights committee meeting scheduled to be held in March next year.

All patriotic Sri Lankans living all over the globe should rally round their motherland in her hour of need to protect her from unwarranted foreign intervention as plotted by the sinister diaspora which has the sole aim of dividing our motherland to parts thereby destroying Sri Lanka with the resurgence of terrorism and insurgency bringing back that era of misery which the Sri Lankan Nation endured for three long decades. (Daily News)

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