Bell Pottinger says David Cameron had one meeting in the North

cameron in Jaffna     The Guardian UK in an interview with Bell Pottinger the private public relations and marketing known for working with the Sri Lankan government and many other regimes.

When asked if Bell Pottinger was still working for the Sri Lankan government, the chairman, Tim Bell, said,

Another approach is to affect casualness. When I ask if Bell Pottinger is still working for the Sri Lankan government – citing commercial confidentiality or official secrecy, the firm does not publish a full list of clients – Bell says airily: “We stopped in … 2009? Or 2010? I might have got the dates wrong.”

Then he switches seamlessly to a sterner, man-of-the-world tone: “It’s a fashionable thing to criticise the way the Sri Lankan government has behaved. David Cameron had one meeting in the north of the country with 200 people who have lost relatives. You have to remember there was a 30-year civil war. The Tamil Tigers weren’t exactly gentle, nice people. And for Britain to ponce around the world talking about human rights after what we did in Afghanistan … It’s what Winston Churchill called ‘our usual export’: hypocrisy.”

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