peoples tribunal   The Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT), an international body based in Rome, is currently underway in Bremen, Germany.

The tribunal, headed by Secretary General Gianni Tognoni, is hearing the case for genocide against the Tamil nation by the Sri Lankan state.

“Like in the first session, a respected panel of judges consisting of experts in Genocide studies, former UN-officials, experts in international law and renowned peace and human rights activists will hear the evidence that is presented and make a determination,” Tognoni said in a press release published ahead of the tribunal.

Follow proceedings live on the PPT website from Sunday, 12:30 CET.

The first phase of the tribunal, which was held in 2010, determined that that war crimes and crimes against humanity had taken place in Sri Lanka and pressure from the UK and the USA contributed to the breakdown of the peace process between the LTTE and Sri Lanka.

See here for more about the PPT and the panel.

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