british parliament  British Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander met Friday with a delegation from various UK-based Tamil organisations, including Global Tamil Forum, Tamils against Genocide, Tamils for Labour, Tamil information Centre, and the Tamil National Alliance (UK).

Outlining Labour’s position on Sri Lanka at the end of the meeting, he said,
“This was a useful and productive meeting with Tamil community leaders. Our discussion allowed me to thank them for all they have done to raise the issue of human rights in Sri Lanka here in the UK. They made clear their commitment to work together on this important issue in the months and years ahead.”
“2013 has been a significant year for Sri Lanka and the Tamil people. But 2014 could be a crucial year for accountability and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, given the growing calls for independent, international war crimes inquiries to be established.”
“Working with the Tamil community here in the UK, Labour will continue to highlight these issues and urge action from the Government of Sri Lanka.”
“Sadly David Cameron left Colombo with no improvements in human rights secured, and, along with the Tamil community here in the UK, Labour will not let the matter rest.” 

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