ship security    In order to better serve our clients, AdvanFort International is now using a location in the western Malacca Strait as the point for disembarkation of its privately-contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) from eastbound transits, and as an embarkation point for westbound transits.

The announcement comes in the wake of reporting that pirates have hijacked a second tanker in a month in the Malacca Strait. However, the company says that the new embarkation/disembarkation point was specifically chosen to prevent client vessels from having to slow or stop in waters off Sri Lanka.

U.S. company officials pointed out that the State Department, in its “Threats to Safety and Security” advisories, continues to warn of “ongoing criminal activity around the country, including murder and kidnapping” in Sri Lanka.

AdvanFort’s intelligence analysts have become aware of increasing (and increasingly organized) crime throughout Sri Lanka, including in anchorages and coastal waters.

Due to this concern, “AdvanFort is providing its protective teams free of charge from the western border of the High Risk Area (HRA) to the western end of the Malacca Strait,” AdvanFort President William H. Watson announced.

“We want to assure clients that our guards will remain vigilant to threats even beyond the HRA,” Captain Watson added, noting that the company’s PCASP teams are made up of professionally vetted, decorated military veterans.

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