NPC Inaugaral meeting    The  inaugural session of the first Northern Provincial Council was held  today.

The recently built  Northern Provincial Council building at Kaithady in Jaffna was  formally opened this morning by Northern Governor Major General G.A. Chandrasiri and Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran  after hoisting of the National and Provincial flags.   Tamil National Alliance leader R.Sambanthan, parliamentarians M.A.Sumandhiran, Selvam Adaikalanadhan and several other provincial council members were present at this event. The building was earlier meant to be the office of the Chief Secretary of the Northern Province. The ground floor of the three-story building will house the Council. The second floor is given for the Provincial Council departments and the third floor will house the Provincial Council ministries. Rs.450 million was allocated for the construction work. 

The first Northern Provincial Council session took  after the opening of the new Provincial Council Complex at 9.30 a,m. 

The inaugural session of the Council began with Tamil Arasu Kachchi member C.V.K. Sivagnanam appointed as the Chairman and  Anthony Jeganathan  appointed as the Vice Chairman and took oaths before Chief Minister today. K.Kamalendran of the EPDP was appointed as the opposition leader.

Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C.V.Vigneswaran addressing the inaugural session of the NPC   today wowed to work within a unitary state for self-determination of the Tamil people. “Self-determination means not separation. We will work hard through non-violence means for self-determination. We are the partners of this country not leased people. We fought against to the British Imperialism. In the future we will fight for our self-determination,” Mr.Vigneswaran said.

In his address, the Chief Minister addressed several issues including demilitarization. He said that the military should be confined to their camps and the lands taken from the people must be returned to them. “The military civilian population in the north is 1/5. Demilitarization will take place step by step. A time frame must be made for demilitarization,” he said. The Chief Minister said that soldiers who were engaged in war must return to the normal life, with the help of some scheme with the help of International community.

He also said that there must be a civil servant as Governor of the NCP while there was the need for Tamil speaking Police force for the North. “Our people facing difficulties in communicating with the Police.  Tamil speaking Police personnel should be appointed in this region,” he said. The Chief Minister said that policemen who lack language skills, cultural and way of life of the Northern Tamils have been an annoyance to the residents. He said that new recruits should be made aware of the police powers vested on them under the 13th Amendment

He added that arrangements will be made to the displaced Muslims resettlement while there should be no room for corruption, bribery and political interferences in this Council.

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