bbc       External Affairs Minister Professor G.L Peiris told the BBC that if there is a push for an international probe the government will say it is unwarranted and there is no reason to do it. Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister has said the country’s investigations into human rights violations have been adequate.The Minister said that there are circumstances which warrant investigations but not circumstances which warrant a preconception of guilt.  The BBC has spoken to people in Sri Lanka who say they have been threatened with rape and tortured at the hands of officials.

The group Human Rights Watch says rape and sexual violence are widely used against detainees, something the government denies.

He also recalled that the government has already appointed its own investigative body to look into some of the allegations.

With less than a month to go until the Commonwealth conference in Sri Lanka, the government there has rejected calls for it to co-operate with an international inquiry into human rights violations.


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