New regulations for International schools

govt    The government has decided to include subjects of Ceylon History, mother-tongue and Religion as compulsory subjects in International schools.

Minister of Education, Mr. Bandula Gunawardhana mentioned that a cabinet proposal has been prepared and that it would be  put into effect from January next year.

Students of most International schools are taught subjects for the London exams other than History, the mother tongue and religion and results in gaining a knowledge only of Western countries and would produce a generation who are unaware of Sri Lanka History in the future .

Criticism  has been levelled that though the mother tongue of the majority is Sinhala and the religion is Buddhism, International schools have considered these subjects not important as the students are taught in the English medium. Criticism was also made to the effect that a problems would arise  with regard to the existence of the national language in the future.

Presently there is a demand for International schools in urban areas as much as the popular government schools, and admitting children to certain schools has been more competitive than in admitting them to government schools.

Though Minister Bandula Gunawardhana has taken steps to implement these regulations in International schools, he had on a number of previous occasions stated that it has not been possible to implement them to International schools as they have been formed as BOI projects or as organisations and not as an educational institution.

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