Fight against Halal is yet unfinished

bodu bala sena logo    The people’s fight against Halal which is yet unfinished will be restarted from October 22, says the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organization.

National organizer of the BBS Ven. Witharandeniye Nanda thero stated that on the 22nd, they are planning to restart this process by going to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic from the BBS HQ in Kirulapone at 8 a.m. in a motor car parade and holding a special “Adhishtana Puja” before the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Although attempts were made to come to a solution through discussion to the problem of “Halal” certificate which has been forcefully placed upon the Buddhist community, what happened so far was only deceiving the Buddhist community, Ven. thero said.

Nanda thero further pointed out that when they deployed an awareness program about the Halal issue and compelled the public to move away from Halal products, certain parties vowed through media that they are going to “end Halal”, but still, such products are being released to the market.

He said that although the authorities are being informed about the atrocities faced by the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka, the wiggling answer they give with the intention of running away from the problem, that the appropriate laws are been drafted, can no longer be tolerated.

Nanda thero also pointed out that due to the lethargic policy of the Archeological Department, even the tomb of the Ancient Sinhalese queen “Sugala Devi”, which bears valuable stone scriptures, has now become a stone quarry.

He further predicted that if this is to be continued, then soon in future, even “Sigiriya” would turn into another stone quarry.


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