Division of Ministries of the Northern Provincial Council and Subjects for Councillors

NPC emblem     The Tamil National Alliance Media Office issued a press release detailing the  Portfolios Allocated for Northern Chief Minister and Four Provincial Ministers and  subjects for councillors. The Ministers who took their oaths today are.

P. Aingaranesan Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Water Supply and Environment
T. Kurukularajah Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs
P. Sathyalingam Minister of Health
P. Deniswaran Minister of Fisheries, Transport and Rural Development

C.V. Kandiah Sivagnanam was appointed Chairman of the NPC while Antony Jeganathan was appointed Vice Chairman.

The TNA Council members and Ministers took oaths before NPC Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

Name Party Area Portfolio Constitutional Provision Councillor reporting to Minister, if any
Justice C.V. Wigneswaran,Chief Minister Common Candidate Jaffna Administration
Police and Public Order within the Province List 1 Appendix 1 Attorney-at-Law, Mr S.R.P Sraiva
Finance List 1 Items 31, 33, 35, 36List 3 Item 26
Planning – Implementation of Provincial Economic Plans List 1 Item 2List 3 Item 1 Dr K.Sarveswaran
Post War Reconciliation
Provincial Housing and Construction, Roads, Bridges and Ferries thereonNational Housing Rest houses and Circuit Bungalows List 1 Items 5.1- 5.3 and Item 6List 3 Item 5 List 1 Items 13.1 and 13.2 Eng. V. Sivayogan
 Human Rights,Cooperatives &Cooperative Development List 1 Item 32List 1 Item 17.1 – 17.4 Attorney-at-LawMr. K. Sajanthan 
Lands List 1 Item 18 as per Appendix 2
Acquisition and requisitioning of Property List 3 Item 6
Rehabilitation of Destitute Persons and families, Rehabilitation and Welfare of physically, mentally and socially handicapped persons, Relief of the Disabled and unemployables(Focus will be on social aspects and Special emphasis on War affected women and Female Headed Households, Children and Elders)& Gender Mainstreaming List 1, Items 7.2-7.4 Ms. Ananthi Sasitharan
Social Services and Rehabilitation, including Post-war Resettlement, Rehabilitation & ReconstructionAnd Muslim Affairs relating to above List 3, 7.1 – 7.3 







List 3,7.1-7.3

Mr. Anton Jeyanathan 






Mr Ayoob Azmin

Promotion, establishment and engaging in agricultural, industrial, commercial and trading enterprises & other income-generating projects and Sports Development List 1 Item 21 









List 1,item 29.2

Mr. E. Arnold
Local Government List 1 – Items  4.1-4.4 Mr. P. Ariyaratnam
Vocational Training, Entrepreneurial Development, Small and Medium Enterprises List 3 Item 21 Mr. Siddharthan
Employment List 3 Item 21 Mr.K.Sivajilingam
Tourism List 3 Item 22 Mr B.Gajatheepan
Electricity and Electrification List 1 Item 34List 3 Item 32 Mr S.Pasupathipillai
Mr. P. Ayngaranesan, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation and Environment EPRLF Jaffna Agriculture and Agrarian Services List 1 9.1-9.3And List 3 8.1-8.3
Agricultural Services, Establishment and Maintenance of farms and supervision of private nurseries, Plant Pests List 1, Item  9.1 and List 3 Items 8.1 and 8.3 Mr. G. T. Linganathan
Animal Husbandry List 1 Item 20, List 3, Item 20 Mr. M. Thiagarajah
Protection of the Environment, Social Forestry and protection of wild animals and birds List 1 Item 37List 3, Item 32List 3 Item 18 Mr.K.S. Swami Veeravahu
Irrigation and Water Management List 1 Item 19List 3 Item 17
Mr. T. Kurukularajah, Minister of Education, Cultural Affairs and Sports ITAK Kilinochchi Education and Educational ServicesHigher Education List 1 Appendix 3,List 3 Items 2 and 3,List 3 Item 4.1- 4.2

Infrastructure Development pertaining to Education and Educational Services List 1 Appendix 3, Items 1, 19, 20, 21 and 22 thereof. Mr.R.Indrarajah
Unincorporated Associations List 1 Item 28
Libraries, Museums cultural matters such as Festivals, etc, List 1 Items 25, 29.1List 3 Item 13 Ms Mary Kamala Gunaseelan
Dr. P. Sathiyalingam, Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine. ITAK Vavuniya Health List 1 Items 11.1 – 11.5List 3 Items 9.1- 9.4
Indigenous Medicine List 1 Item 12
Prevention of contagious diseases or pests affecting humans, animals or plants List 3 Item 35 Dr C. Sivamohan
Drugs and Poisons List 3 Item 31 Dr C. Sivamohan
Rehabilitation of Destitute Persons and families, Rehabilitation and Welfare of physically, mentally and socially handicapped persons, Relief of the Disabled and unemployables(Focus on medical and psychological aspects) List 1, Items 7.2- 7.4
Probation and Child Care Services List 1 Item 7.1
Reformatories, Borstal institutions etc. List 1 Item 22
Food supply and Distribution within the Province List 1 Item 16 Dr. G. Gunaseelan
Adulteration of Foodstuffs and other Goods List 3 Item 30 Dr. G. Gunaseelan
Rationing of Food and Maintenance of Food Stocks List 3 Item 14 Dr. G. Gunaseelan
Market Fairs List 1 Item 15 Dr. G. Gunaseelan
Possession, transport, purchase and sale of Intoxicating Liquors List 1 Item 23
Family Planning
Attorney-at-Law Mr. Deniswaran Minister of Fisheries, Transport, Trade and Rural Development TELO Mannar Fisheries,Inland Fisheries List 3 Item 19 Mr.T Raviharan
Trade and Commerce List 3 Item 23 Mr.V.Kanagaratnam
Rural Development List 1 Item 10 Mr. Paramjothy
Price Control List 3 Item 28
Pawn Brokers List 1 Item 14
Transport List 1 Item 8
Regulation of Mines and Mineral Development List 1 Item 26
Corporations List 1 Item 27
Betting and Gambling List 1 Item 30
Private Lotteries List 3 Item 12
Cooperative Banks List 1 items17.1-17.4List 3 item 15 Mr. Sugirthan
Mr. C.V.K. Sivagnanam, Chairman of Council ITAK Jaffna
Mr Anton. Jeyanathan, Deputy Chairman of Council EPRLF Jaffna

Note: Matters not specifically listed herein will be vested with the Chief Minister.

Justice C. V. Wigneswaran

Chief Minister

Northern Province

Thursday, 10 October 2013

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