us state dept      Marie Harf Deputy Spokesperson US Department of State in her daily press briefing commented that in general, people around the world cant understand why the US can’t get it’s house in order, they’re watching what’s going on in Washington.
Answering questions she said:

QUESTION: Have you had any feedback from, let’s say, ambassadors or representatives from other countries about how it’s affecting them? Is there any level of concern that’s been raised by them?

MS. HARF: Well, it’s a good question. I haven’t heard anything specifically from our folks overseas except for – are you talking about other people?

QUESTION: I was talking – yeah, like other, let’s say, ambassadors from other countries coming to the State Department and saying, “Why is this so slow,” or, “We can’t do this,” or whatever.

MS. HARF: Well, I think we’ve seen, in general, the notion out there that people around the world kind of don’t understand why we can’t get our house in order here, and they look at the situation and think – the concept of a government shutdown is just one that is perplexing, I think, to a lot of people.

I’ll just give you one example of local press commentary somewhere else in the world that one of my folks showed to me this morning: That the United States, and particularly many in Congress, have urged the government in Sri Lanka to more aggressively pursue reconciliation and accountable government, something we care a lot about. But today, in the Sri Lankan press, they’re watching what’s going on in Washington and said, and I quote, that “our good governance advice should be packaged and returned to sender.”

So that’s the message we’re putting out around the world, that we can – we talk a lot about democracy and good governance and institutions, and we have the best of all of that in the whole world. But right now, we’re not living up to all of those standards, and we’re going to keep working with Congress to figure out a way to get out of the situation we’re in because that’s what’s really in the best interest of all of us.

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