Navi  pillay   UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva states that although at a discussion about peace and reconciliation, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Navi Pillay had raised questions regarding the Buddhist flag hoisted at the Independence Square, she had made no statement with regards to the statue of late PM D. S. Senanayake.

The media spokesman of the UN Human Rights Council Mr. Rupert Colville says that it can be said with confidence that Ms. Pillay did not make any comment with regards to the Senanayake statue during her official visit to Sri Lanka. Mr. Colville has informed the media through E-mail that a proper statement regarding the matter will be issued during the course of the oncoming few days. His statement reads that the High Commissioner had indeed questioned about the hoisting of the Buddhist flag at the Independence Square.

According to Mr. Colville, Ms. Navi Pillay had inquired about hoisting the flag of a particular religion at the Independence Square which is a national symbol common to all the citizens in Sri Lanka despite religion. The statement reads that she had pointed out that it could bring a sense of discrimination in the minds of followers of other regions.

Instead of the Buddhist flag, Mr. Colville says that the High Commissioner had suggested the Govt to hoist the National flag which is common to all the citizens in the country.

See: (BBC Sandeshaya)

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